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September 10th class material

Welcome to the blog. Please read the very first post below. Note: to those you who keep asking for clarification, I am referring to the 3/9/2015 blog post on css, also known as cascading stylesheets, or simply stylesheets. - Thanks

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Final Exam Update!

Please show up early to the classroom tomorrow (1-3pm 208A, our normal room) as we will have an important review session and will go over the exam rules! Latecomers will be at a SEVERE disadvantage. Do not be late for the sake of FOOD, DRINKS, or CRAMMING for the test - it will only work against you!!!
All the best!

Monday, April 27, 2015


New Media and Business will meet at 129F on Wednesday 4/29/2015 at 2:15 - 3:30 p.m.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Final Project: Due by the Final Exam!

By now you should have the following utilities from earlier this semester:

A blogger blog.
A wikia wiki
A Google Groups Q&A Forum

Also if you don't already have one, please set up the following accounts since they will be part of your toolsets: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Build a website called "About My Name Here (This should be your real name!)"

Create a menu that navigates the user to 3 separate things that you like (each one having its own page, within your larger site). The 3 subjects can be anything of your choosing e.g. Music, Food, Travel, Video Games, etc. In each section, You should write a summary of what it is, your favorite aspects of the subject, links to outside materials, and anything else that gives a complete overview of the subject from your personal point of view.

The bottom of the page should contain links to your social networking sites, where a view can connect to, follow, "like" your page and share it with another person. Lastly, there should e a series of forms where they can take a brief survey of what they like about your website, as well as fill out a form that adds them to your mailing list.

Aside from the tools mentioned above, your site should make use of Javascript (scripts, functions, and event handlers aside from the social networking APIs) and CSS code at least 10x each (10 instances of JS and 10 of CSS). To facilitate this task you may use JQuery, Angular, or any other library. However, aside from the actual libraries themselves all code must be your original work! Not the work of another person. Your content also cannot be plagiarized.

Note: Your code (html, Javascript, CSS) must be well commented (rule of thumb: 1 comment/every 3-5 lines). The comments should reflect design decisions and programming logic (describing the exact function/behavior of the code it accompanies). NO COMMENT = NO CREDIT!

All the best!

P.S. - Do not wait until the last minute to contact me about technical difficulties!
By now, you've heard of Javascript, and even encountered JQuery. Many of you have taken screenshots of your codeacademy profile pages using the badges as proof of your ability to conquer 5hrs of JS library utilities - great work! If not, you still have until this Wednesday's class to complete it. But our tasks are not yet done. The following objectives still await:

The JS tutorial: (2x credit)
 due Monday 5/4/2015 (no later than the classroom time.)

The AngularJS tutorial: 
 due Wednesday 5/6/2015 (no later than the classroom time.)

Where does it all lead? The Final Exam and Final Project!

We will spend the remainder of our class time preparing for both goals. Further, we will meet in our normal classroom on Monday 5/4/2015. Attendance is a must! As I've reiterated since the end of your Spring Break, 2 additional unexcused (lacking medical, or legal documentation) absences result in a WU grade and many of you have missed a class since then. Translation: attend each class and take our very limited time quite seriously!